We use a consulting and solutions based approach to understand your requirements and investigate the most relevant solution to satisfy your needs. Simplicity is the key, which means that solutions could be turn-key or bespoke. Through our services, we aim to grow your business and build sustainability.

Business Development

Our aim to assist you to create long-term value and to increase revenue and profitability.

We will help you develop, refine and implement a business development strategy that fits your company goals.

Your new strategy will ensure that you attract prospects, build engagement plans and turn opportunities into customers.

Creating and aligning your business growth plans with your business development tactical plan is crucial for your success.

We will help you identify, target and reach your growth plan.

Sales Strategy & Operating model

We will assist your team to develop a robust sales strategy aligned to your market and customer segments.

  • Pipeline identification and management.
  • Account plan development and tracking.
  • Performance tracking and management.
  • Performance improvement plans.


With ever changing customer requirements your operating model needs to be fit-for-purpose and agile, built on a foundation of team development and support.

Set your sales operating rhythm to meet customer expectations and deliver continuous business value.


We will find, evaluate and engage to locate the product that you need. Our services include Imports, Exports and logistics of products, local or abroad.


Sourcing is not limited to products, but include business related services also.

Connectivity & Telecoms Services

We have a range of connectivity and Value-Added products and services available. 

Here are some of them:

  • Business Wireless
  • Broadband and Dedicated Business Fibre
  • Virtual Cloud and Hosted PBX

Contact us for other services and more info.

Energy Solutions

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate is an official document issued by an accredited body. It indicates the operational performance of that building regarding its energy use.

As published in the Government Gazette on 8 December 2020, Energy Performance Certificates are mandatory for private sector, non-residential buildings and government buildings.

  • Private sector buildings: Net floor area of over 2000sqm
  • Government buildings: Net floor area of over 1000sqm

The data collected through the EPS process helps to inform energy optimisation and solutions which can be implemented to save money.

Further energy solutions:

  • Energy Assessments and bill verification
  • Energy optimisation
  • Solar PV construction, implementation and management
  • Diesel supply