About Us

B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor

100% Black owned business

25 years overall business and corporate experience

Import & Export certified 

At onFYRE we focus on creating and developing the link for all your business opportunities.

Our experience is spread across solutions in sea freight shipping, fixed and mobile telephony solutions and business sales team development & management.

We have a history of experience in Sales and Business development & Customer and Account Management built on solid relationships to find solutions and link your business opportunities for success. We also develop an internal sales funnel tracking framework and action plan to manage team performance.

Our experience has allowed us to structure teams to be the conduit to allow individual team members to maintain focus on their sales activities through building a sustainable support environment.

Our aim is to assist companies to maintain focus on their core business activities by designing a collaborative business support structure to create sustainable wealth, and to link their opportunities with other specialists.

We have in addition, extended into Energy Management and Solutions, through trade partners and specialists in the industry to provide energy management solutions to contribute to reducing the irregular energy services and to improve the economic growth and development of the country.

We leverage the best pedigree in your industry and link your opportunity.